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Travel Guide To Ladakh

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Places To Visit In Ladakh

Ladakh is still a barren place in the divine desert of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This mountainous region, like a cold desert, is located at a high altitude between the Karakoram mountain system and the Great Himalayan Range. Named as "Little Tibet", this area is dotted to the horizon by monasteries, whose flags are evolving from the inexorable cold mountain wind. Charming with its beauty, Ladakh is an unexplored paradise on earth. High passes create a unique ecosphere, and travel here, of course, is not easy. For travelers Ladakh was opened in the 1970s, and since then it remains a target for bold travelers. Rather severe weather conditions, A guide to Ladakh offers important information to successfully plan your trip.


Palace of Leh Palace

Built in the 17th century by King Sengge Namgyal, this nine-story royal palace is blessed with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Enjoy the amazing snow peaks, watch as the highest peak of Stoke Kangri rushes into the sky against the calm river Indus. The palace has a collection of artifacts from ancient times. You will see costumes, jewelry, religious writings and other artefacts of the royal family.

Lake Pangong

Located at an altitude of 14,270 feet, the crystal clear Lake Pangong is as much as 134 kilometers in length, it is partly in Ladakh, and 60% of its surface falls under the territory of China. In its beauty, this calm lake simply does not lend itself to description. Pouring out seven shades of blue water only, the lake certainly bewitches the mind of travelers. A view of the towering peaks and a hard road leading to the lake, will give an experience that will be remembered for life.

Lake Tso Moriri

Lake Tso Moriri is located at an altitude of 15,000 feet and is a freshwater lake. The surroundings of the reservoir in the form of a transition from rough vegetation to lush greenery represent a magnificent landscape. The lake extends 7 km wide and 19 km long, and feeds on two streams of water and springs. This beautiful pond is home to 34 species of birds and rare species of flora and fauna.

Shanti Stupa 

Shanti Stupa was opened in 1991 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This Japanese structural construction is located near the city of Leh. It is set at an altitude of about 4,200 feet, and its white beauty is a magnificent sight amid the panorama of the oncoming snowy mountain peaks. Watching the sunset and sunrise from this point is an incredible impression.

Hemis Monastery 

Hemis Monastery by its existence created the city of Hemis on the map of the world. The monastery is the largest and richest in India. Tibetan style of architecture glows golden shine in the middle of turbulent surroundings. The Hemis festival here is one of the most famous festivals in the region. The monastery also houses a rare and exquisite Buddha statue, golden and silver stupas and Thanki (Holy Scripture).

Thiksey Monastery

The Thiksey Monastery is located in the Indus Valley and is only 18 kilometers from Leh. The 12-storeyed monastery encompasses ten temples, an assembly hall and living quarters for monks and nuns. The Maitreya Buddha statue, 40 feet high, is the main attraction. Admire the rare, precious stupas, wall paintings, statues and swords in the monastery.

Magnetic Hill

A curious natural phenomenon of the magnetic hill is on the national highway Lech-Kargil. Going up the road can lift up any vehicle on its steep slope, even with the car ignition off. Travel to Ladakh will be inadequate if you do not visit here.

Zanskar Valley

The isolated valley of Zanskar is buried in picturesque natural beauty. Settled by monks, this valley is one of those places where the journey to Ladakh completes. The Zanskar River flows through the valley and, as a result, gets its name. It is full of adventure, and offers many options for adrenaline entertainment: from rafting to winter hikes.

Khardung-La Pass

At an altitude of 18,739 feet, the Khardung La Pass is the highest road in the world. The pass is located on the Karakoram ridge to the north of Lech. Virgin air, picturesque views and an unforgettable feeling that you are on top of the world made the Khardung-La pass a popular tourist attraction in Ladakh. Preparation and adaptation are necessary before visiting this place.

Nubra Valley

The Valley of Nubra is the most beautiful secret of Ladakh. Still known as the "Valley of Flowers" and "Ladakh's Gardens", it fascinates with its landscapes. Green farms, hunchbacked Bactrian camels, bright flowers, traditional villages, deserts - all this creates an amazing landscape in one place. Stunningly beautiful, the Nuba Valley simply can not be described in words.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is located in the Leh's museum aerodrome, it was created and supported by the Indian army. The monument honors the soldiers who lost their lives during the Indo-Pakistan war. Here you can get information about weapons, life in difficult military conditions, and also about how the Indian army protects Siachen.

Gompa Monastery

Gompa is a famous monastery since the beginning of the 16th century. Known for its teachings, a 900-year-old museum and ancient festivals, gompa invites all travelers to visit this place in order to understand the nuances of the way of life and culture of people who survived these harsh conditions.

Shey Monastery

The monastery of Shey is located 15 km from Leh, the capital of Ladakh. Earlier this monastery was the summer residence of the royal family. It is located on the banks of the Indus River and is decorated with many temples and stupas. 17-meter tall statue of Maitreya Buddha with blue hair is the main attraction of this place.

The Monastery of Diskit

The Monastery of Diskit is located in the town of Diskit, the valley of Nubra, and is a structure of the 14th century. The ancient monastery is home to the statue of the Maitreya Buddha 106 feet high in the prayer hall. Every year in February in the monastery begins a lively activity for the preparation of the popular festival Dosmoche, which is held here.

Zoji La

The pass of Zoji La is an important mountain pass, lying between Ladakh and Kashmir. The pass is located at an altitude of about 11575 feet. Beautiful views that open from there, are one of the business cards of Ladakh.

The best time to visit

Ladakh is located between the two highest mountain ranges of the world: Karakoram and the Great Himalayan Range. The climatic conditions here are quite tough. This region, covered with snow almost nine months a year, can only be visited for a short period of time. The best time to visit Ladakh is between June and October. In the rest of the year, this region remains inaccessible.

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