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Shimla Manali Tour Packages
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You will visit the state of Kashmir, namely, Gulmarg - a city that in summer attracts tourists and athletes with the famous 18-hole golf course, and in winter - with ski routes: it is the best skiing center in India.

Himachal Pradesh (Himachal Pradesh; from Hindi - "the country of snowy mountains") - a state in the north of India, surrounded by great mountains from the south and north: the Sivalik ridge and the Himalayas . Himachal Pradesh has earned fame as a mountain-resort since the time of the British, who in the present capital of the state of Shimla organized their summer residence. Himachal is famous for the abundance of Buddhists who fled here after the seizure of Tibet by China, Buddhist monasteries with yellow roofs and the small alpine village of Manali. The capital is Shimla (Simla). A great continuation will be a visit to the city of Dharamsala - the center of Tibetan Buddhism, where the current residence of the Dalai Lama is also a few Tibetan temples and much more!.

Saturday, 20 October 2018 20:14

Shimla Manali Dharamshala Tour Package

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The program begins with a visit to Delhi, familiarity with its sights and continues in the most picturesque places of the Himalayan mountains. You visit Simla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, where R.Kipling often visited, who wrote that these places are so majestic and so clean that only Gods can live here. Visit the Roerich estate in the Kullu valley and visit Dharmsala - one of the sacred places in India, where the residence of the Dalai Lama is currently located.

We invite you to take a romantic trip to North India, the birthplace of the Himalayas - one of the largest mountain ranges in the world of extraordinary beauty. You will see delightful landscapes, mountain villages, valleys and passes, Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. You will visit the spiritual places associated with the three religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism and get acquainted with the masterpieces of world culture. You will discover the capital of India, Delhi, and see the magnificent Taj Mahal, built by the great emperor in memory of his beloved wife - one of the seven wonders of the world. You will be welcomed by the famous Golden Temple of the Sikhs in the holy city of Amritsar, which combines architectural beauty and a truly spiritual atmosphere. The program ends in Manali, a picturesque town with a rich past.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 18:27

Shimla Honeymoon Package

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And for hundreds of years of the life of the gods, I can not tell you to the end about all the wonders of the Himalayas. Exaggerate the magic, majesty, and romance of the Himalayas, as the highest mountain system in the world, is impossible. We invite you to spend the happiest days of your life in the Western Himalayas, in the region of the largest mountain terraces in the world, including the highland region of the Ice Desert and the valleys of Spiti and Lahaul with their harsh simple beauty. Located in the thick of these mountain ranges at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level is Mashobra. According to historical data, the Indo-Tibetan road, created by Lord Dalhousie in 1850, connected Mashobra and Shimla. Placed on a mountainside, descending into ravines and mountain slopes covered with virgin coniferous forests, the road passes through the colorful roadside bazaars, as well as along the Sanjuli Tunnel. The noisy local bazaar of Mashobra provides the locals with everything they need, fruit is grown on the terraced fields here, In Mashobra there are four weather seasons - in the summer months from April to June wildflowers cover all the slopes, the air is cool, fresh and filled with pine aromas. The rainy season from July to August is manifested by clouded green slopes and stunning colors of sunsets. From September to November, the weather is warm and pleasant, then winter comes with frost, snow, and bright sunny weather. The top of Mashobra is decorated with orchards and residences built at the beginning of the previous century, with the names of stories Fairy Lawn, Wildflower Hall (Wild Flower Hall) and Apple Tree House (Apple Tree House). Wildflower Hall is a beautiful country villa located on top of a hill in the midst of the sweetest-smelling pine groves, and the spectacular view of the mountains is majestic. Wildflower Hall at one time was a country house and a place for the rest of several Vice-Kings of England and officials of the highest rank.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 20:18

Yoga & Meditation Tour In Rishikesh

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Budget Travel India invite you to join groups of Yoga Tours in India. Classes are held in Rishikesh, where they come to achieve excellence in practice. Rishikesh is the world capital of yoga, one of the sacred cities of India, the confluence of many yogis, sadhus, pilgrims and wanderers who come here from all over India to worship the great Mother Ganges and bathe in its clear and transparent waters.

`` Promised Land`` -Srinagar city, the capital of Kashmir, an oasis located in a valley on the lakes Dal, Nagin and Anchar. The significant quarter of Srinagar is Indian Venice, where everything is afloat: houses, markets, and even a mosque. The memory of the life of the historical Jesus Christ is still kept in these lands. Wonderful metamorphoses occurring with nature when you ascend to Ladakh. This amazing journey to the `` land above the clouds`` - Ladakh, will take you to another world, where the blue sky and harsh mountains and people living in small villages or monasteries. The inner silence, the wind and the rumble of Buddhist pipes fascinates and helps to think about the eternal.

India. Every time, every sound, every aroma here strongly reminds you that you are a magical land that is completely different from the rest of the world. Your journey in this fabulous country begins with Delhi, where you will get acquainted with the sights. Then you will arrive in the Pink City of Jaipur, where you will see a bright showcase of Rajasthan architecture and Fatehpur Sikri - a masterpiece erected from sandstone and the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra - the most beautiful building in the world that grew out of love. The Taj is one of the most beautiful works of art created by man. And then the sacred Ganges ... There is a widespread belief that the soul will be cleansed if you plunge into the Ganges in holy places. The Ganges is a sacred river to which the prayers of the Hindus are addressed. On its shores are many holy cities. You will visit Rishikesh - the world capital of yoga, one of the famous sacred cities of India, located in the foothills of the Himalayas on the shores of the sacred Ganges. On the other side of the sacred Ganges River in Haridwar, mentioned 5000 years ago in ancient scriptures and epics (Mahabharata and Ramayana). This city has always been the main place of pilgrimage for Hindus. Haridwar means “Gate of the Gods”. Have a good trip!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 19:56

Shimla Manali Tour With Golden Temple

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India surprises at every turn. Something may seem beautiful and charming, something - alien and strange, but it is impossible to remain indifferent. It can attract as something really important or just an amusing trifle, but in any one everyone will take home a piece of the many-sided culture of India, which manifests itself in the streets and bazaars of its cities, from the multicolor and pomp is breathtaking. India is a completely different world, magical, opening up hundreds of possibilities.

Uttarakhand is a very young Indian state located in the northern part of the country, on the border with China and Nepal. Officially, it was formed only in 2000 and was named Uttaranchal. But in 2006 it was renamed Uttarakhand. The capital of the state is the city of Dehradun. Most of Uttarakhand is located in the Himalayas - more than 90% of its area is covered with mountains and forests. And precisely because of this location, which made this area difficult for people, it was possible to keep the natural wealth of the state virtually untouched. The beautiful nature, rich flora, and fauna of this region attract many scientists and eco-tourists from all over the world. Indeed, in the state, there are several national reserves and natural parks. Also interesting is the Jim Corbett National Park, founded back in 1936, the country's oldest reserve. Most people come here to admire the Bengal tigers living on its territory - the park specializes in the protection and conservation of these rare animals. However, when planning a trip to these reserves, you should pay attention to the fact that they are not always available for visiting - bad weather conditions in winter can make an already difficult path completely impassable.

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