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Goa is popular. But the state of Kerala is perhaps the most attractive part of India. So National Geographic even declared the state of Kerala in India one of the "ten paradises of the world".

Officially the state of Kerala appeared on maps in 1956. Formed as the autonomy of the Malayalam people. In translation from the language of this people, "Kerala" is translated as "coconut land". The capital of the state is the city of Trivandrum, and the largest is the city of Cochin.

The population of Kerala is considered one of the most educated in India. In Kerala is a rich culture and very beautiful nature. And from Kerala, Ayurveda spread around the world. So here everyone is healthy, and who is not healthy - go to Kerala. The staff stretched along the sea at 590 km, and there are a lot of beaches here. Goa will seem pale after coming to Kerala. The nature here is brighter and juicier, larger beaches, many ancient cities. Kerala is located on the Malabar coast between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The capital of the state is Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), other major cities are Cochin, Kozhikode, Trishur.

Keraltians speak Malayalam. Half of the residents are Hindu, the rest are Muslims and Christians. Vasco da Gama arrived in Kerala in 1498, and traces of Catholic Portugal are visible no less than in Goa. The area of ​​Kerala is quite large, occupying 38,683 square kilometers in the south of the subcontinent of India. It is located on the border with two states, from the north-east it borders on Karnataka, and on the east - with the state of Tamil Nadu. Kerala is the smallest state in India. From the whole area of ​​India - Kerala only takes 1%, but this paradise is the most beautiful place of our planet.

Kerala is located between the Laccadive Sea and the Western Ghat. There are three geographic regions nearby: the coastal plain, in the central regions - hilly terrain, and in the east of the hill. The highest point of Kerala is Mount Anamudi (2695 m). Hence the climate of the region - the heat on the coast and the coolness in the eastern part.

Beaches of Kerala

Each resort of Kerala is a "self" Ayurvedic center where you can fully experience this unusual method of treatment. All beaches in Kerala are public and free, usually small. In some areas the sea is unsettled, and it is not safe to swim there. But near many resorts there is a lagoon on the far shore of which is a clean, beautiful and tranquil beach. The guests are taken there by boat.

Kappad is a "historic" beach, where Vasco da Gama personally landed (now in honor of this memorable event, a column was planted there, at which the colorful flocks of tourists were immediately photographed). The beach is sandy, very quiet and calm, not too crowded.

Alappuzha is popular as a place of relaxation. The area there is very picturesque - lagoons, lakes, many rivers. The beach is sandy, at one end - dense palm thickets. There is also an entertainment park "Vijaya Beach" with picnic sites, a children's playground and boating.

Varkala is one of the most popular resorts of Kerala, mainly because of the local healing mineral springs that beat from the high cliffs surrounding the beach. Local residents own the art of special massage and apply it to the bodies of tourists for a moderate fee.

Kovalam is a natural bay ideal for kayaking, swimming, surfing and water skiing. In many places along the coast, there are small coral reefs, between which you can swim on the catamarans. The coastal waters are clean and calm. The local beach can be divided into three sections: the southern ("Beach by the lighthouse", the most popular), the middle and the northern (Samudra). Along the whole coast, there are many shops and trays with national clothes, ornaments, crafts by local craftsmen, as well as various restaurants.

The beach of Marari, which has not yet become a well-known place, offers its rare guests a long strip of excellent sand and palm groves. It is best there to come to those who seek maximum privacy. On the beach building a new hotel The Marari Beach, designed in the style of a local settlement, but equipped in accordance with the latest requirements.

Beypore was in ancient times one of the most developed seaports of Kerala. Local docks are still being inspected by curious tourists, while ordinary Indian people are building "Uru" there - traditional Arab merchant ships. It also built an impressive bridge of huge stones, outstanding in the sea for almost two kilometers. Not far from the beach is Lake Pukot, where you can rent a boat for skating on the lake and visit a freshwater aquarium.

Mappila bay is a natural fishing harbor located near the ruins of Fort Saint Angelo. The beach is still intact, but the harbor itself has recently been modernized. The seawall separates the open sea from the beach waters.
Muzhappilangad is a four-kilometer beach, located 15 km from Kannur. This is the only beach in India that you can drive by car. Black rocks protect it from sea waves, making the coastal waters comfortable and relatively safe.

Bekal - a sandy beach surrounded by palm trees, very quiet and calm. From the local historical fort, Bekal to the beach stretches a gentle slope of the hill, rugged ravines and overgrown with picturesque greenery, a wonderful area for hiking.

Attractions in Kerala
In Kerala, tourists are waiting for travel through the jungle, reserves, and plantations of spices, swimming on "houseboats" on lagoons and backwaters, visiting the lake, mountain and beach resorts.
There is also the famous Cochin - a city on a dozen islands. The last twenty centuries there were run in turn by the Arabs, the Chinese, Jews, Portuguese, Dutch, English and the Indians themselves. And all managed to decently "inherit" so that there is much to see in Cochin.
In the village of Kumarakom, lying down like Vishnu on Ananta, on a placer of small islands of Lake Vembanad, there is a bird sanctuary. So huge bird flocks are the main local attraction. In their places of habitation, it is possible to make a boat excursion. There are also excellent places for fishing and simply riding around swamps full of white lilies. In the small settlement of Guruvayur is the sacred Temple of Krishna. In addition, the Jawahar National Park is interesting, extensive and very beautiful.

Officially, the "high season" in Kerala from November to April. Rains are possible throughout the year, but not all their long ones. June is considered the rainiest month (an average of 12 rainy days a month). The air temperature is practically the same all year round - + 25-30 degrees depending on the region. The water temperature varies from +26 to +29 degrees.

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