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The very romantic Indian city of Udaipur is often called "eastern Venice". Thanks to the three lakes connected to one, the city became a real pearl of the arid state.

Tours to Udaipur represent an amazing opportunity to see ancient temples, wonderful lakeside gardens, marble Maharaj palaces and bustling bazaars, located right in the ancient quarters. The city is considered the center of the arts and is very proud of its artistic heritage.

The climate of Udaipur

The place was chosen by the Maharajas for the construction of the city due to the magnificent nature, he really enjoyed spending time on the bank of the river Pichola. Probably, a considerable role was played by the mild climate of the area. In summer it is not hot here, about 30 degrees, in winter it is cool here, but the temperature does not decrease more than 15 degrees. There are also a few precipitations, most of them are for the monsoon season, which lasts from the middle of summer to September.

Udaipur Attractions

With the construction of the city, there is a curious legend according to which an old hermit approached Uday Singh II, who hunted in the magnificent forests that were then here. He pointed the Maharaja to his place and informed that it was necessary to build a city here because it would become a great city. So it happened, the city later got the name of the founder and Maharajas in the number of permanent residents. The rulers who lived here belonged to the Suryavamsha dynasty, which provided the city with another name - the City of the Rising Sun. Thanks to such high-ranking inhabitants, the place has blossomed, so tours to Udaipur will allow you to see many beautiful historical monuments and ancient architectural structures.

The first tourists usually go to the city palace, located on the eastern shore of Pichola. It resembles a large cake decorated with a fairy tale. This palace occupies an area of 2 hectares and consists of several buildings, which were created by 22 Maharajas. We are glad that such luxury does not disappear and now some of the buildings are used as hotels, and the other is given to museums.

It is worth to get behind the fortified walls to see an amazing palace labyrinth, a courtyard decorated with frescoes, marble bas-reliefs dedicated to the god Ganesha, and a beautiful mirror mosaic.

The complex includes several palaces, the most beautiful of which are always recommended for a visit. To see the sculptures of the Rajput inhabitants and enjoy the skillful carvings, it is worth to visit the Lunar Palace (Chandra Mahal). You can see carved niches with a view of the marble pool in the courtyard in the palace of Bari Mahal, which is located on a mountain slope. The glass mosaic tower can be inspected in Dil kush Mahal, known to the chambers of Princess Krishna Kumari, who committed suicide to prevent the war of the contenders for her hand. The luxurious hotel is located in the Shiv Niwas Palace, and the hotel in Fateh Prakash Palace.

To see the amazing museum with an exhibition of traditional crafts, arts, musical instruments and miniature paintings, it is worth visiting Bagore Ki Haveli. And for fabrics, jewelry and paintings, you can go to the old city bazaars of Bapu.

It will be interesting to visit the Saheliyon Ki Bari, a beautiful structure created for the Udaipur queen. There is a rose garden, a pool with lotuses and lovely fountains. Rest in Udaipur will not only enjoy the magnificent palaces, but also get acquainted with the crafts. For this, one must go to the ethnographic village of Shilpgram, where folkloric performances take place.

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